The Release Of The Foetal Doppler By SONOLINE – ELEMENS doo MEDICINSKA OPREMA, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

August 03 21:02 2020
The Release Of The Foetal Doppler By SONOLINE - ELEMENS doo MEDICINSKA OPREMA, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Elemens Medicinska oprema d.o.o. presents Foetal Doppler that allows parents-to-be to listen to the sound of their unborn baby’s heartbeat from as early as 14 weeks.

SONOLINE launch their monitor in the Bosnia and Herzegovina through their official provider Elemens Medicinska oprema d.o.o.

Originally baby Doppler’s were only used by midwives and healthcare professionals, but they have become increasingly popular for home use. This is because SONOLINE foetal Doppler’s can help reduce anxiety during pregnancy and offer reassurance especially during the early stages before it is even possible to feel the baby moving. Under normal circumstances, it is almost impossible to hear the baby’s heartbeat because of the fat, tissue and layer muscles. In addition to this, there are also fluids and liquids that give resistance thus requiring the use of a foetal Doppler such as the Fetal Doppler from SONOLINE – Elemens Medicinska oprema Banja Luka enables one to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

One can decipher their own heartbeat from the baby’s by the heart rate. A baby’s heart rate will be between 120 and 180 beats per minute. The mother’s heart rate however will be much less at 60 to 100 beats per minute. The SONOLINE Fetal Heart Doppler plays the heartbeat audibly through the speaker but also shows the heart rate on the LCD screen so there is no necessity to assess the rate yourself.  The sound of the heartbeat can also be recorded.

Sales Bojan Capljak – Elemens Medicinska oprema doo explains: “Thanks to the recording cable provided you are can capture these sounds for a lifetime. What a unique keepsake or way to share your pregnancy with distance friends and family. You can simply record your baby’s heartbeat to keep or to send it to family.  You also have the option to record your own heartbeat to play back to your restless new born”.

In early pregnancy it is normal for the foetal heart rate to vary within a reasonable range and it will vary depending on the level of activity.  As the pregnancy progresses and the baby grow the heart rate will become more static so it is useful to keep a record of the heart rate for peace of mind.

About the Company

Elemens d.o.o. Stomatoloska oprema, Medicinska oprema, Veterinarska oprema Banja Luka,  Bosnia and Herzegovina  was established in April 2010 by Bojan Capljak. The Company has a special expertise in Medical Equipment (Medicinska oprema) Foetal Doppler, CTG Foetal Monitor, MEDIANA CTG FM20, Defibrillator/Monitor D500, Patient monitor M32, Medical x-ray and Dental Equipment (stomatoloska oprema) Dental X-ray system, Intraoral RTG, 3D Dental Diagnostic Equipment, 3D X-ray, Dental X-ray, 2D X-ray. The Company was located at Banja Luka, near the park, to take advantage of the relaxed nature of the area as well as ample, untimed parking for clients.

We aim to maintain and improve our position as the leading SONOLINE distributer in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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