Elite Home Detox Offers Private In-Home Detox Services

May 20 18:06 2020
Elite Home Detox Offers Private In-Home Detox Services
Now serving: CA, NY, NJ, WA, AZ, CO, FL, PA, CT

Los Angeles, CA – Detox is the starting point for any addiction rehabilitation program. This crucial step helps patients safely manage withdrawal symptoms and overcome their body’s dependence on drugs or alcohol. Traditional rehab models often have rigid, one-size-fits-all programs that require travel to and long stays at a clinic. Elite Home Detox, on the other hand, brings a customized, comprehensive detox program to the patient’s home. 

Elite Home Detox is a comprehensive, in-home detox and addiction rehabilitation service committed to helping patients overcome their addiction with patient-oriented plans and individualized care. Each program is overseen by Dr. Abe Malkin, board-certified in Addiction Medicine and medical director of Elite Home Detox, as well as a team of certified nurses with extensive experience in assisting patients through all types of addiction recovery.

Their physician-guided in-home detox program is tailored to individual needs to ensure the highest levels of comfort, professionalism, discretion, and efficacy. Their nurses stay onsite 24/7 during detox to monitor progress and administer medications for a safe and healthy detox experience. The nurse answers questions, provides coaching through withdrawal symptoms, performs lab tests, and administers IVs and medications as needed under the supervision of a physician.

In addition to in-home detox, Elite Home Detox offers a full spectrum of services for a recovery that lasts, including aftercare management, concierge medical services, drug & alcohol testing, drug counseling, family counseling, intervention, mental health stabilization, and NAD IV therapy.

Since patients receive all the care they need in the comfort of their own home without incurring the high accommodation costs of traditional clinics, Elite Home Detox is much more affordable and discreet than traditional in-patient rehabilitation models. In-home care also saves patients the time and hassle of transit to and long stays at a traditional rehab facility. 

To learn more about private in-home detox, visit the Elite Home Detox website, or contact their team via phone at 213-357-1277 or via email at [email protected].


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