Raising The Roof On Home Quality And Curb Appeal

May 19 23:03 2020
Raising The Roof On Home Quality And Curb Appeal

Eric Vesel of Vesel Services LLC
Eric Vesel, owner of Vesel Services LLC in Caledonia, says metal roofing is more durable and versatile than other options.

By Jim Kedge

CALEDONIA, WI Homes are a necessity of life and the biggest investment and expense most people have. But for the amount of money it costs, many people dont think about the material that makes up the roof over their heads.

Our roof is something we can easily ignore,” explains Eric Vesel. We only tend to pay attention to things we can see and often, and our roof isnt in our line of sight.” Vesel says that its easier for people to pay attention to the paint on their walls, the aging cabinets in their kitchens, or the startling and mysterious noises their furnace or air conditioner makes. But our roof is crucial to the health of our families, and the beauty and longevity of our home.

A sturdy and dependable roof keeps things out that people dont want in their houses,” says Vesel. From bats and pests to water and dirt, our roof protects our homes from things that cause decay and destruction.” Replacing a roof can be a high cost for any home, but a metal roof can help by reducing the frequency of replacement or repairs. 

You might live in an area where there are extreme temperatures—very cold in the winter or ridiculously hot in the summer—or there are frequent strong winds or high levels of precipitation or humidity,” states Vesel. These factors can drastically shorten the lifespan of most shingles and roofs.” A metal roof can last two to three times as long as any other material used to protect and cover a home. Metal is more resistant to extreme weather, and it can keep its shape and appearance for much longer than composite or wood shingles.

Metal doesnt warp, curl, or crack like other materials on our roofs do,” Vesel points out. A metal roof can hold its curb appeal for significantly longer than more traditional coverings.” According to Vesel, metal designs have come a long way. There are color schemes and models that can match any style of house. Some people dont even think about getting a metal roof because theyre worried their home will look like a warehouse,” laughs Vesel. There are amazing things people are doing with metal nowadays.”

Vesel comments that when his company, Vesel Services LLC, install a roof in the Southeastern Wisconsin area, they always get inquiries from other homeowners asking for more information and estimates on cost. People love how metal roofs look,” Vesel proudly proclaims, and they appreciate they dont have to choose appearance over quality.”

For many people, Vesel explains, a metal roof is the last roof their homes will ever need. If homeowners want to reduce costs and take care of their leaky or unsightly roof for a long time, metal is the way to go,” declares Vesel. Not only do they last forever, but your neighbors will be jealous of how it looks.”

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