A Hassle-Free Method of Selling A House Could Benefit Many Long Island Residents

May 19 22:33 2020
A Hassle-Free Method of Selling A House Could Benefit Many Long Island Residents

Property owners in Long Island may need to sell their property for a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s time to relocate or the owner is facing foreclosure. For whatever reason, there are efficient solutions for selling a home without any losses.

What Happens When Sellers Hire a Real Estate Agent

Hiring a real estate agent could prove helpful for property owners who are ready to sell. However, it is important for the sellers to understand what is involved in selling the property through a real estate agency. First, real estate agents are paid a commission for the real estate transaction. The commission comes out of the total selling price of the property. This means the seller loses a percentage of their profit to pay their real estate agent. Typically, the commission is around 6%, but the commission percentage varies from state to state. Sellers who want to learn more about an alternative can visit https://www.webuylongislandhomes.com/ now.

What Happens With a Traditional Property Sale

A traditional property sale might require the property to stay on the market for months or even years. When selling through an agency, the seller must wait for the findings of a property inspection. If repairs are needed, the seller will need to complete the repairs before selling the property. This could lead to significant delays and expenses that just aren’t in the cards for the seller.

Why is Selling Better Than Foreclosure?

Selling to avoid foreclosure prevents avoidable damage to the seller’s credit. Foreclosure can prevent them from securing financing for a new property for at least two years. It will also lower their credit score dramatically. A quick sell could help the seller get what they need to pay off the lender. It can also prevent any outstanding balances that could lead to a legal claim against the borrower.

Where to Sell the Property

We Buy Long Island Homes has a long history of helping homeowners sell their homes faster and giving the homeowner a fair and reasonable price. The we buy houses company doesn’t require an inspection for the property, and they buy the homes as-is. This saves money for the property owner and eliminates any unnecessary stress. Property owners who want to schedule a valuation are encouraged to contact the service providers now.

Completing a Quick Sale

Completing a quick sale takes the stress off the property owner and helps them sell the property faster without a real estate agent. The owner keeps all the proceeds from the sale of their home and won’t have to pay an agent a commission. It is the most efficient way to avoid foreclosure without filing for bankruptcy.

Property owners who participate in a quick sale through an investor avoid foreclosure and sell their home quickly. Finding a better strategy for selling the property helps owners eliminate the need for a real estate agent and keep all their proceeds from the sale. Reviewing a better way to sell the home shows the property owner how to avoid the effects of foreclosure without any significant losses.

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