Beenie Mann, Founder of Matters of Perspective, Ready to Disrupt the Coaching Industry with her New Innovative Platform

February 17 23:06 2020

Matters of Perspective is a famous online coaching and learning community that connects clients and coaches from different corners of the world. Clients that are interested in finding the most affordable but essential resources, tools, and strategies for optimized outcome prefer to follow this platform.

Beenie Mann has launched this coaching institute with an aim to give an uninterrupted teaching-learning platform for the enthusiasts. This platform offers greater benefits to clients and coaches while building a solid relationship among them. Well, there are unlimited coaching platforms online, the talented and skilled coaches are always ready to help clients with the challenges related to wellness, business and many more. But the learning process appears complicated until you find the right coach.

A legend once said that a good coach has the ability to change the game, and ultimately, it can change a life. Following the same idea, Beenie Mann started her own company that offers incredible coaching solutions to learners around the world. And the best thing to know about this coaching platform is that it provides support to more than 95% of learners with low budgets. The interested clients can join caching for business, professional skills, career/work, fitness, health, wellness, spirituality, relationships and life skills. Along with these existing coaching ideas, Beenie has now launched a new program to serve the interests of clients and coaches as well. The concept is inspired by her own struggles of life and it can benefit both the coaches and clients as well. It will also help coaches to make more money.

Beenie Mann is running her coaching institute with an idea of paying 60% of the deliverables to the coaches, and they are being padded on an hourly basis. They are ready to provide 6 months one to one coaching to the clients. People can also join group coaching with a monthly membership. Note that learners can also avail easy access to all the online courses and webinars provided by respective coaches. The experienced team of coaches makes sure that clients find opportunities to learn as per their individual interests. If you are interested in making some positive changes in life, you should definitely join this coaching program.

About Beenie Mann:

Beenie Mann is the “Queen of Shift” Mindshift Coach, Speaker, Author, Host of Beenie Bits Podcast, and Founder of Matters of Perspective. She has been where you are with an unfulfilled passion or goal, seeking out the professional expertise required to bring her goal to life. Matters of Perspective is unique in that it is the only coaching website of its kind, providing access to personalized coaching from a variety of experts from around the world. Unparalleled quality from hand-selected coaches with packages to meet a variety of needs!

In order to know more about Beenie Mann and her goals, we asked a few questions from her:

Q. What inspired you to start your journey as a life coach?

A. Seeing people all around me suffering and struggling like I used to and a strong desire to help people be better, be more, and see a different perspective. No matter how miserable I was or how dark it was inside of myself, I always strived to assist others smile and look for that glimmer of hope to hold on to. Coaching is simply something I have always done just wasn’t aware until I woke up one day and decided to do it on purpose, with purpose.

One of my philosophies is: Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Sharing the tools, I accumulated over my lifetime, with others so they can live their life happy and to the fullest, truly makes my heart sing.

Q. How is your platform helping clients to grow in their life?

A. We all get stuck in one area of life or business at one time or another. Most of us believe we can figure it out and do it all on our own. We can, but it takes much longer than it has to.

When I was looking into coaching, I was so overwhelmed and intimidated by the huge number of coaches and programs that are available. Money was also a deciding factor. I simply did not have upwards of $5,000 to hand over.

As a result, I had a very slow and gruelling growing process.

My platform takes out the guesswork. Each client gets interviewed to determine the needs and then will be matched with the appropriate coach. The investment for a 6 – months, one-on-one) program does not require the client to go into massive debt.

Clients also have the option to participate in a monthly membership program in the topic of their choice.

It truly has something for everyone and for every investment comfort zone.

Q. What new programs you are planning to launch in the future?

A. Great question! Right now, the focus is to become a household name. We want people to think of us when they think of hiring a coach.

Eventually, we will be offering licensing and certification courses for coaches.

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