Discusses Apple MDM Solutions To Balance Security and Privacy

February 17 22:54 2020 Discusses Apple MDM Solutions To Balance Security and Privacy

Apple is enjoying a surge of popularity in the business world these days. With much of the growth occurring over the past year, in part due to employees’ preferences for the brand. Another motivating factor is the end of support for Windows 7, which is forcing many enterprises to make a change. The number of Mac computers in the workplace has doubled since 2018. SAP reports massive growth in Apple deployment, nearly 26k total with 82% running Catalina the 16th version of the Mac operating system. Apple is known for its smooth integration of devices, and mobile device management (MDM) solutions are helping business owners balance the need for security and privacy.

What Does An MDM Solution Do?

An MDM solution is a cloud-based service provided by a third party that allows a company to manage all connected devices, whether company-owned or employee-owned, from a single dashboard. With MDM, an IT team can enroll new users, deploy software and updates, monitor security, and troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently. Other benefits include facilitating communication among connected users and ensuring that both hardware and software are performing optimally. To learn more about how MDM can enhance application security, visit this site for additional reading.

What Is The Role Of MDM In Application Security?

An Apple MDM solution can help an enterprise keep its data secure in several ways. For one thing, an MDM service like Fleetsmith can maintain an accurate and up-to-date record of devices in use and the employees to whom they are assigned. Knowing where data is located and who has access to it is the first step in keeping that data secure. An MDM system can also monitor devices for software updates and install them as needed. Furthermore, an MDM can scan devices specifically for viruses and other forms of malware. Does MDM Work With BYOD?

Whether businesses provide technology to their employees or implement a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, chances are that most employees are bringing their own devices to work and using them. This practice is so common that there is now a word for it: shadow IT. However, personal laptops, tablets, and phones lack the security measures that protect company-owned devices. Consequently, they can present a significant security risk. According to, the latest MDM solutions can incorporate personal devices as well, allowing laptops or other devices to be enrolled when the user logs on to the company’s wi-fi. 

What About Privacy?

Employees in BYOD programs are understandably reluctant to cede control of their personal technology to their employer, and they have legitimate concerns about privacy. To address these concerns, Apple recently introduced a new type of MDM enrollment for BYOD programs: user enrollments. Now, BYOD users get a managed Apple ID that is separate from their personal user ID. This allows for a total separation of work data from private information, and it prevents IT from interfering with any personal apps or data.

Apple is continuing to enhance its MDM capabilities to strengthen security and better protect the privacy of users. Businesses can choose from a range of powerful and easy-to-use MDM solutions.

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