Ray Charles Raelette Cynthia Scott Releases Sweet Valentine Song

February 11 17:36 2020

New York City, NY – Ms. Cynthia Scott, the award-winning jazz, blues, R&B and gospel vocalist, whose voice lit up the stage with the iconic hitmaker Ray Charles, has a new single out especially for Valentines’ Day called “SWEET VALENTINE”.

The former “Raelette”, born in Arkansas, is a resident of New York City. This single is a dedication to all those inclined to pursue the romantic and tender side of their love life. It is playful, fun and joyous, bound to please that special someone. Cynthia says: “You will learn to stutter….” You will also understand this reference when you listen to the catchy tune. For an MP3 hi res for media play  contact [email protected]

The song was written by a longtime friend and musical collaborator, Xavier Chavez.  Gone, but not forgotten, Chavez, gave Cynthia the song over 20 years ago. With a lyric by Ann Lisa Magid, Chavez would, no doubt, be thrilled with this version. 

It took a long time for this song to find its way into the world. Sometimes, the best is saved for last.  Cynthia says, and now is the time. 

Ms. Scott delivers a lighthearted vocal that is buoyant and artistically presented. Known for her romantic and emotional performances, “SWEET VALENTINE” swings deeply and soulfully, always with that sparkle in her eyes. A soul-jazz singer of the highest order, Scott literally pours her heart and soul into every note.

The pianist on the date is Jeb Patton. He brings together the traditional piano stylings with a modern jazz approach. Bassist Paul Beaudry, a mainstay on the Cynthia Scott bandstand, provides warm support with a touch of edge that makes this recording effervescent. “Dwayne “Cook” Broadnaux, a key element to the Cynthia Scott sound, swings the band with artful subtlety.   

Ms. Scott in live performance engages the audience with stories and anecdotes of each tune she sings. An actress and playwright of distinction, her focus is communication. 

With “SWEET VALENTINE”, we catch a glimpse of Scott’s impeccable timing, swinging phrasing and the deep conviction of surrendering to the lyric. She sings about the interplay between lovers that is both enticing and inviting, asking for that most elusive of emotional caresses, the declaration of love. 

Every Valentine’s Day the restaurants are packed, reservations to the hottest venues are unavailable and on every playlist, you’ll find the love song regulars. Here is a new song to add to your personal playlist, or perhaps send to your valentine with a dozen roses, no reservation required to impress that special someone. 

Cynthia Scott brings an element of both the tried and true and new inspiration to the vocal repertoire of today. A songwriter herself, her recordings testify to her strong belief in the good of the world.  As a songwriter, she focuses on love, relationships and bringing healing to a world struggling to survive. 

Her support of causes like Alzheimer’s and her strong desire to make the world a better place through music is showcased on her most recent CD: “Dream For One Bright World”. This project was recently remastered and re-released due to popular demand. So many people have said, “It needs to be heard now……”  

Ms. Scott is always planted firmly in the roots of her gospel beginnings, she is the 10th of 12 children born to a preacher. This alone gives her the “street cred” to talk about love and spirit which she does, so eloquently and joyfully, in her new release, “SWEET VALENTINE”. It will also be featured on her upcoming CD Recording “Hear It For Yourself” coming soon.

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