The traditional gaming industry is reborn – GE has announced the launch of its blockchain gaming platform

February 11 16:06 2020

The GE blockchain gaming platform is a high-performance gaming platform carefully developed by the GE team that does not require trust and authorization. The platform has the largest gaming library in the blockchain industry, which gathers innovative games from different developers all over the world, and allows users to play, socialize and invest in multiple blockchain ecosystems.

In recent years, major game manufacturers, such as Sony, Ubisoft, Activation Blizzard, etc., have begun to set up blockchain gaming business. GE has also been focused on this trend and has been actively engaged in research and development from the early days. GE’s increasingly mature technology is expected to become the leading gaming platform in the blockchain industry within a short time, helping the industry to thrive in the future!

Expected to be released online in February

A good game ecosystem needs a circular economic system to ensure the value of its game assets and the number of active players. GE has its own complete ecosystem, coupled with the leading underlying blockchain technology, which can undoubtedly strengthen the current game industry and trigger changes in the industry. According to GE insiders, the blockchain game platform will be officially launched in February.

GE blockchain gaming platform will enable global users to enjoy the entertainment of the games and realize wealth appreciation through interesting the game content and reward system. In addition, GE has developed its own expansion solutions, that have been implemented into its games to completely eliminate transaction costs.

GE blockchain gaming platform highlights:

  • Millions of play modes, free participation for global users
  • Completely decentralized, fair and impartial
  • Unlimited room for dividend appreciation by holding the GFUN gaming currency

The future of GFUN game currency is promising

Based on the continuous development of game types, the GRUN game currency will gradually accumulate value and circulation, so that players can participate in more innovative games. GFUN game currency is generated by the GE public chain, and it is the basic asset of the GE blockchain gaming platform. Its main function is to be used as the transaction currency of various games, transfer fees and other business activities.

GE is determined to remove the shackles of the darkness and follow the new dawn of the distributed concept and restore the original color to the blockchain world. To learn more about GE, visit Twitter, Facebook, Telegram group and search for Genesis Ecology.

About the GE project

GE is a new generation of a public chain DAPP ecological platform. GE’s previous learning, continuous research and rethinking of the ultimate solution has resulted in a change in the design of a single layer architecture for the underlying public chain, creating a truly decentralized DEFI financial platform. GE’s dual-layer public chain multi-element DAPP ecosystem platform, allows developers from all over the world to develop multi-element decentralized financial DEFI, based on the GE multi-chain wallet, including ETH, EOS, GE public chain and other DAPP ecosystems, GE can provide these DEFI-DAPP with high quality and reliable protection mechanisms.

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