200 Million US Dollars Smashed the “Resurrection Plan”, What Exactly BVW is Going to Do

February 11 13:34 2020

In the 13 years since the birth of the coin block chain, it has created countless wealth myths. The added value of more than 26 million times is the label on wealth that is affixed to Bitcoin. Numerous investors have entered the blockchain virtual currency market with the “highest return on investment in human history”. However, the financial capital market itself is a “success history”.

Prospecting is the norm in finance. The seemingly incomplete logic of the winner is king, but it has always dominated the financial capital market.

From December 17, 2017, Bitcoin reached an all-time high of 140,395.

Until now, the price of Bitcoin has fallen below 50%, and among the top 10 mainstream currencies, it has basically fallen by 80% -90%. And this is just a microcosm of the virtual currency circle.

From dreams come true, to dreams dying, but in an instant. The whole currency circle has experienced only a dramatic life. The rapid development of the blockchain’s virtual currency industry, except for the open, fair, and non-tamperable characteristics of the blockchain, we cannot erase the “negative teaching materials” that altcoins / MLMs / even Aircoins play in promoting the industry contribution. Let investors invest in the virtual currency industry; gradually change the direction of investment to mainstream currencies and real-life applications of the currency sector.

However, for investors, the currency broke, with a 99% drop, the project crashed, the currency value returned to zero, and it was impossible to withdraw cash. Such growth was undoubtedly too heavy. For the team, the failure of the project not only results in a loss of investment, but also a blow to team trust. The investment market has become cautious, and dare not go all out when encountering a good platform. After the team is hit, it is difficult to regroup. So how should the blockchain cryptocurrency industry break today?

BVW Foundation brings US $200 million to launch the [Resurrection Plan], and individuals receive up to US $200,000 in dream support

Growth undoubtedly requires a lot of experience, but this should not always be paid by investors. BVW looks forward to building a dream stage for all blockchain investors, and to create the era of industrial blockchain together.

Based on the current depressed investment sentiment in the world and the injured investment market, BVW will build a career platform for all investors, and use the financial rules in line with market development to give the majority of investment losers a chance to regain a new life. BVW has prepared a dream start-up fund of up to “200,000 US dollars” for each investment loser. BVW will help you win back the investment that was once lost, recover the dignity lost in the failure of the project, recall the team that once worked hard and integrate the old resources , Open up new channels, let investors no longer do unrooted duckweed, let everyone truly have a career that they can fight for a lifetime, and open up a new era of industrial blockchain.

BVW officially launched the [Resurrection Plan] globally. The first batch of US $ 200 million “Dream Startup Fund” helped all failed investors.

It is reported that BVW is a 5G distributed storage public chain network from the dark web. It is jointly developed by a non-commercial anonymous technology free body formed by Darknet Gemini (Darknet Castor team and Darknet Pollux team), composed of development engineers and human sociologists.

At present, BVW has more than 147,600 global currency holding addresses, with investors from more than 20 countries / localities, and the first split price of 0.42USDT / BVW from January 14, 2020. After 20 days of development, the current BVW quote 0.6588USTD / BVW.

In China, due to the outbreak of numerous outbreaks, numerous blockchain projects have crashed and run. BVW has benefited from the international layout, which has become increasingly hot and global consensus has become higher and higher.

Regardless of the economic model or the planning and development of the industrial sector, BVW has the characteristics of sustainable operation, and it has fundamentally cut off the possibility of investors’ losses.

This time, BVW will return to the original intention of dignity of investors with the concept of eternal universe, and hold high the mission of vigorously advancing the landing of industrial blockchain, and start the [Resurrection Plan].


Regardless of any reasons such as the failure to withdraw cash, asset losses, project run-offs, etc., BVW will accept users who meet the conditions to invest 50,000-200,000 USD in losses. Participation conditions are through the registration of registered members of BVW. At least 10 members are required to register at the same time. After submitting relevant information for approval and activation of the BVW purchase agreement, BVW will give individuals according to each investor’s investment failure certificate / information. Investors’ dream start-up funds of up to $ 200,000.

This [Resurrection Plan] is a rebirth opportunity provided by BVW for global investors. Join BVW [Resurrection Plan] to make your dreams no longer far away, bring you back the losses of investment failure, and help you to find a fragmented team I also invested in a dignity and dreamed of persistence.

A total of 1,000 places will be opened in the first phase of this event. Individuals can get up to $ 200,000 in dream start-up funds, and more places will be opened in the later stages as the case may be.

This is our time

We are at the forefront of the times

Dream is destined to be a lonely and difficult journey

But we are willing to put wings on your dreams

Move forward

Just to crush all the darkness and difficulties

Towards a better successful future

[Resurrection Plan] – Prologue to start BVW sustainable management

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