One Of The Best Children’s Books of 2020 Now Available On Amazon – Sharing: Princess and Unicorn Stories

February 10 22:06 2020
Sharing: Princess and Unicorn Stories: Sharing Book Teaching Children How to Be Polite, Caring, and Kind (Rhyming, Good Manners, Ages 2-5)

Amazon and authors J.S Jen and Penny B Jen are pleased to announce a new children’s book has been launched on the popular shopping platform in the children’s eBook section. Sharing: Princess and Unicorn Stories has become one of the best children’s books of 2020, and now it is available as a Kindle download.

The new children’s book was written by authors J.S Jen and Penny B Jen with a mission. The authors wanted to create a book that children would enjoy while at the same time teaching them important lessons. Those lessons include being kind to one another, be caring, kindness and good manners. These are qualities that all children should learn at an early age, and qualities they can learn thanks to Sharing: Princess and Unicorn Stories.

The stories bring the children two characters, a princess and a unicorn in a magical land of Wisteria. Princess Penelope and her Unicorn, shine go on their adventures with their friends, Princess Bella, and her llama Shine and Bella’s brother, Prince Owen, and his bird, Chuchu. While on their adventures they learn important lessons of kindness and caring, lessons that the children learn while the stories are being read to them.

When asked to explain more about the stories, J.S Jen said: “The main characters of this book and the series are Princess Penelope and her unicorn, Shine. Through their adventures, they learn lessons of kindness and caring. When Penelope’s friends Owen and Bella come to visit, she has something magical to show them. But even though these best friends love and respect each other, mishaps do happen. As always, they solve their problems by remembering to be polite, kind, and caring as their day of play turns into a day of learning.”

Since being launched on Amazon, the new children’s book has gained rave reviews.

Alice G wrote on Amazon, “After experiencing some sisterly fighting over toys, I read this book to my nieces (5 and 2) to remind them about the importance of sharing. They loved it and kept asking me to read it again! The illustrations are beautiful, colorful and lush. Can’t wait for the hard copy to be released so I can buy it for them.”

Maria, who said the book was a perfect buy left a review which said: “This book is adorable and entertaining. It teaches kids politeness and kindness and conveys a wonderful message in a very sweet way. We should not forget how to treat our family and friends with kindness and fairness. The illustrations are adorable and very warm. I’d highly recommend it.”

The children’s book continues to receive glowing reviews, making it one of the most talked-about and reviewed books of this year.

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The father-daughter duo of J.S. Jen and Penny B. Jen write in a whimsical fashion education while entertaining your children. Rhyming has always been a family affair. Penny loved playing the “rhyming game” and it was a fixture on their daily commute. J.S. and Penny write in a fun and light-hearted way to bring smiles into your home.

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