The epidemic situation can’t stop investment in Qingdao: 3 billion Yuan project was signed via online video

February 08 01:24 2020

On the afternoon of February 7, according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control work, Qingdao held a video signing ceremony for DHC software project. DHC Software Co., Ltd invested 3 billion Yuan to cooperate with Huawei in the Kunpeng ecological project and settled in Qingdao. Wang Qingxian, member of the Standing Committee of the Shandong Provincial Committee and secretary of the Qingdao Municipal Committee, who is based in Qingdao, and Xue Xiangdong, chairman of DHC Software Co., Ltd., who is based in Beijing, “gathered” online.

This contract signing is the first major software information technology service contract signing project since Qingdao became a famous city with Chinese software characteristics in December last year.

Video contract signing is still relatively rare in China, and video contract signing is not as simple as WeChat online-video chat. Besides maintaining smooth audio-visual communication, it is also necessary to keep the text of the contract synchronized and keep the signatories able to sign at the same time. To this end, Qingdao has developed a special creative system, which enables video signing to become a reality from creativity, ensuring the authenticity and effectiveness of all aspects of the signing and the legal effect of the contract.

In a special period, Qingdao is willing to actively act in the face of the epidemic and innovate ways to attract people. Entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm to promote projects and invest in Qingdao should not be blocked by the epidemic. No matter how many difficulties there are, we must overcome them one by one to ensure that the project can be signed, started and put into operation as early as possible.

It is said that only through adversity can one see the true feelings. Qingdao’s attitude, efficiency and practice have moved Chairman Xue to the east of DHC Software Co., Ltd. He said frankly:

“On this special day, Qingdao can come up with such a clever way to sign the contract. I am especially moved by this good style of thinking and finding ways to develop the industry. It seems that as long as we think of ways, ways are always more difficult than difficulties.”

Epidemic prevention and control is still at a critical stage, but urban development is also an urgent problem. Under such circumstances, conducting economic activities such as investment promotion and capital introduction by means of remote video is the need for prevention and control in a special period, but it is also Qingdao’s “understanding” of entrepreneurs: understanding the development pressure they are facing under the epidemic situation, and understanding their expectations and needs for the layout of the future. The attitudes and practices of local governments towards enterprises at special moments will become a new yardstick for investors and a yardstick that can really take root in their hearts.

During the epidemic, how did Qingdao treat enterprises?

On the morning of February 6, Wang Qingxian, member of the Standing Committee of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Qingdao Municipal Party Committee, met with Xie Zhikun and his party, chairman and chief executive officer of the board of directors of the Zhongzhi Enterprise Group. Qingdao’s commander-in-chief and top leaders demonstrated Qingdao’s official sincerity in attracting foreign investment, as well as the city’s confidence in the combination of prevention and control and development.

In fact, while preventing and controlling the epidemic, Qingdao has already begun to make preparations for economic work.

On February 1, the standing Committee of Qingdao municipal party Committee held a meeting and pointed out that we should do a good job in studying and judging the economic operation of the whole year. according to the provincial party Committee’s plan of “a crucial year for key work”, we should focus on the work of the municipal party Committee center and quickly enter the state. we should not rely on or take the initiative to work to minimize the impact of the epidemic.

On February 4, the 12th regular working meeting of Qingdao’s new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters proposed that while the epidemic prevention and control work should be well done, efforts should be made to reform, develop and stabilize all aspects of the work, continuously compact the prevention and control responsibilities, improve the prevention and control system, do a good job in returning enterprises to work and resuming production, and ensure sustained, stable and healthy economic development.

On February 5, the Standing Committee of Qingdao Municipal Party Committee held an enlarged meeting, proposing to strengthen the sense of urgency to speed up the development and continuously shape the strength of Qingdao’s opening and development.

On February 6, the 14th regular working meeting of Qingdao’s new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters pointed out that the fight against the epidemic requires material security, a correct handling of the relationship between epidemic prevention and control and reform, development and stability, the unification of epidemic prevention and control with the return of enterprises to work and production, and “double recruitment and double guidance” and other work, and the constant prevention of the epidemic and the constant development.

In times of crisis, Qingdao’s departments and units also responded quickly. All businesses involved in the business can be handled online as far as possible. They will not allow the epidemic to “isolate” the development of enterprises. They will come up with policies and even real money to help enterprises survive this “life and death robbery” and inject market confidence into the development of enterprises.

Late at night on February 3, Qingdao issued 18 policies to help small and medium-sized enterprises tide over the epidemic situation, involving financing, employment and other aspects, becoming the fastest-responding sub-provincial city.

On February 4, the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued a letter “Qingdao: We Wait for You Online”, which was widely distributed to the world in four languages. The letter showed Qingdao’s sincerity and determination of “double moves and double leads” online, allowing the offline stagnant pace to run online.

On February 6, Qingdao Private Economic Development Bureau, in conjunction with a number of banks, took the lead in raising 3 billion yuan as special emergency loans for epidemic prevention materials production (1 billion) and transfer loans for small and medium-sized enterprises (2 billion) to tide over difficulties with enterprises with real money and silver.

At this year’s provincial two sessions, Qingdao clearly stated, “adhere to a higher level of openness to lead high-quality development, give full play to Qingdao’s radiating and driving role, and integrate the pattern and responsibility of leading cities into the overall development of the province.”  The fierce epidemic situation is only a small episode in this journey. The second half of the journey will continue to be full of songs. It cannot be separated from the support of entrepreneurs, projects and investment.

In 2019, Qingdao’s investment growth rate increased by 21.6%, ranking first among the sub-provincial cities in the country and 16 cities in the whole province, becoming the base for all-round development. These investments have turned into 5,649 construction projects, distributed in all districts and cities and in all walks of life, equivalent to 1.5 times of the total number of projects in 2018.

To maintain the momentum of development, Qingdao should not only ensure that these projects can resume work as soon as possible and become development momentum as soon as possible, but also focus on the top ten new industries such as digital technology, integrated circuits, hydrogen energy, new materials, film and television culture, modern finance, life science, marine science and technology, ultra-high definition video, robots, etc. to continue to attract leading enterprises to Qingdao to relocate and revitalize Qingdao’s advantageous resources.

Therefore, although the epidemic situation is severe, Qingdao will certainly use various skills to make entrepreneurs want to do things and push projects in Qingdao, and to do them as soon as possible under the premise of preventing and controlling the epidemic situation. Whether it is video interview or online investment promotion, it is Qingdao’s way of doing things in front of the epidemic situation.

The true sincerity is self-explanatory.

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