PiggyCars launches the next BIG thing in car rental in LA

February 07 08:39 2020
PiggyCars is a new-age car subscription service company that allows users to rent cars for any duration but without shelling out a small fortune or without getting locked up in long-term commitments.

Rowland Heights, California – February 07, 2020 – Forget high costs of car rental. Forget the burden of long-term lock-in period with car leases. LA-based start-up PIGGYCARS. has launched a revolutionary car rental service a.k.a. car subscription service that enables one to have car anytime – yet at a low monthly cost and without any fixed term contract. Aspiring users will be able to avail the next-gen car subscription service through the company’s native car subscription website and app.

With PiggyCars vehicle monthly subscription service, users are relieved of all traditional risks associated with vehicle ownership, leasing or financing. The company is presently catering to the entire Los Angeles area. Added to LA residents, the PiggyCars car subscription service is also available to foreign nationals visiting Los Angeles. Users will get to avail cars anytime and return it whenever they wish to. The subscription period starts from 3 months and goes all the way up to 12 months. 

“We are excited to introduce you to a new way of using a car – through ‘car subscription’ service. With PiggyCars, you can rent a car just anytime but without the high costs of traditional short-term car rental service. Again, unlike conventional car lease services that lock you in for a minimum of 36 months, our affordable pricing rates don’t impose any long-term commitment on the users. You have the easy flexibility of a monthly subscription service here which allows you to rent a car for any period of time and that too at a cost within your budget,” stated a leading spokesperson from PiggyCars.

As with any other subscription service like Fair.com, PiggyCars customers would also have to pay a subscription downpayment and monthly fee to using PiggyCars vehicle. The company accepts users’ full coverage insurance while users can also avail PiggyCars full coverage insurance to subscribe to the service. 

PiggyCars is bustling with a vast and versatile gallery of cars to choose from. The company shares strong rapport with multiple local car dealers and car rental companies that allows the firm easy access to a huge and diverse inventory of vehicles. From budget cars to minivan to SUV to even truck, luxury and sport steams-aspiring subscribers here can choose from any option. The company also provides the monthly subscription service for commercial vehicles like cargo vans. Additionally, eco-conscious users will be able to subscribe for green vehicles as well. Users here also have the facility to switch to a different car in the middle of every subscription period. 

“We promise you a completely transparent bill so that you can have full knowledge on every penny charged. We are here to help you save money without compromising on a quality and flexible car rental facility. Whether you are a student looking for a budget or need a luxury car for special occasion, we have everything for you with the promise of fair pricing.”

Speaking on, the spokesperson promised to provide customers with thoroughly inspected vehicles, backed by routine maintenance and insurance. PiggyCars checks every aspect of a vehicle before handing over the key to the user to ensure a safe and trustworthy vehicle. Users can always ask for a test ride before finalizing the subscription and can even switch to an alternate model if required. Every PiggyCars is covered with limited warranty facility as well that starts just after the manufacturer’s warranty ends. 

“Each of our cars is backed by extended inspection, preventive maintenance and limited warranty. From suspension to brakes to light & steering to emission to mandatory equipments, every part of the car is thoroughly vetted before we hand over the key to you. We carry thorough maintenance on our cars to ensure they are always in the best of condition while we hand them over to you. Your satisfaction, convenience and safety are the most significant things for us.”

All the available cars are listed on the PiggyCars website and app with full specification and features. Users will also find the car’s VIN and multiple pictures to reach to an informed decision. 

In regards to eligibility requirements, users here would just need a permanent and valid driver’s license to avail the car subscription service. Besides, they can add more individual drivers to their PiggyCars vehicle account, provided each have their own full coverage insurance or full coverage insurance. In regards to foreign tourists aspiring to avail PiggyCars car subscription service, a temporary license or permit will do. 

While asked about the mileage availability, the spokesperson noted the standard allowance from PiggyCars is 1,000 miles a month. Users have the option to choose from 1,000 or 1,200 or 1,500 or 2,000 miles available online. In case, more mileage is needed, users can pre-purchase extra miles up-front. As per the spokesperson, it will cost less to pre-purchase extra miles up-front than paying extra after the mileage limit crosses during the rental period. In case, a user has pre-purchased extra miles but have not used those additional, he will get full refund of the remaining miles bought at the time of returning the vehicle. Users can also subscribe to “unlimited miles” option during subscription.

When it comes to payments, PiggyCars accepts US dollar payments through a versatile range of payment modes, including Master, Visa, US debit card, PayPal and so on. Foreign tourists can make payments through Alipay and WeChat. Foreign bank transfers are also allowed upon agreement. 

“We are always flexible with payment methods and accept all the major forms of payments. We promise you complete protection of your financial data and credit card information that you will share with us.” 

For more information, please visit http://piggycars.com.

Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/piggycars/id1461867887

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.com.piggycars&hl=en_US

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