Latest statistics show consumer eschew technology when it comes to customer service

February 06 15:16 2020

Victoria, Hong Kong – February 6, 2020 – Talk of artificial intelligence, computer learning, bots and new technology can be found in almost every news broadcast but there is one segment where consumers prefer person-to-person conversation, customer service.

Recent research has shown that customers overwhelmingly prefer to talk to a live person about their service needs. When consumers have a question, 90% said they expect a response from a company within 10 minutes. The survey also shows that consumer who don’t get immediate assistance are far more likely to move to another competitor.

“That’s why call centres are still so popular, because they work,” explains Wilson Chan of Social Enterprise Innovations Limited (SEI). There are other channels available, there are bots and software, things like that, but research shows time and time again, customers prefer the phone. It’s immediate, it’s personal, you’re much more likely to get the answers you need by talking to another person than by using a bot with preprogrammed responses. That’s why SEI has seen such tremendous growth in the last year. We now operate in four countries. Smart companies know that their quickest pathway to growth and sales is to offer the best customer service to their clients and we’re helping them to do that.

The phenomenon of consumers preferring to speak to a company representative on the phone isn’t one unique to North America. SEI has call centres located in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Canada and the Philippines, with staff who speak more than 13 languages including Mandarin, English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Thai and French

“It’s a global desire,” explains Chan. “It doesn’t matter where the consumer is located, what the price point of the product or service is, whether it’s a problem the customer is having, a general question, or even if the company’s focus is B2B or B2C, they all prefer to use the phone to contact a company representative.”

It isn’t only businesses who are using call centre representatives to stay in touch with their clients. SEI also provides services for international governments and NGO’s. The assumption that call centres only do outbound sales call is an outdated one. Call centers now offer a much broader base of services including enable government to keep in touch with their citizens while being fiscally responsible with their country’s tax dollars. Conversely, these same centers also allow for citizens to get the services they need from their government.

The reason so many companies are choosing to use call centers to help their clients is also changing Chan explains. “In the past everyone would talk about how consumers were much more likely to tell people about a bad customer service experience but in recent years all that has changed, consumers are now just as likely to tell people about good customer service. Having that service available for clients isn’t about tempering a negative experience anymore, it’s about growing your business and making a name for your business as a good, responsible company. I’m extremely proud that we’re helping consumers around the world get the answers they need while helping entrepreneurs and NGO to grow.”

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