Taoist priest Tao Jianguo: The Chinese must continue to inherit their excellent traditional culture

February 06 14:27 2020

Zhang Yimou has repeatedly presented the concept of “Yin and Yang Eight Diagrams” in his films. The animated film Ne Zha featuring Taoist immortals has topped 1.3 billion at the box office in seven days. The Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences has included “I Ching and Prediction” in the 2019 doctoral enrollment plan. In this battle against pneumonia, the naming of the two hospitals, Huoshenshan and Leishenshan, is also closely related to Yi-ology.

The Chinese civilization has a long history. The outstanding traditional culture accumulated over 5,000 years is a huge treasure, of which Taoist culture is one. The five famous metaphysics skills “mountain, medicine, life, divination and phase” all originate from “Tao”. Tao Jianguo, a Taoist priest, is such a practitioner. He vowed to carry forward the excellent Taoist culture.

Tao Jianguo, Taoist Priest, the monastic name Tao Luozheng, the 66th generation disciple (Luo genre) of Longhushan Sihantianshi, the president of the Chinese Taoist Association of Magicians and the vice president of the Chinese Book of Changes Fengshui Research Association, professionally delivered the The Code of Life.

As soon as many ordinary people heard the Book of Changes, Fengshui, and numerology, they all denounced it as superstitions. Taoist Tao deeply deplored it, “because the awareness of ordinary people is not enough, many people have no chance to really contact them. The transformation technique I am teaching now is a kind of Taoist magic and the essence of excellent Taoist culture.”

For example, one person who has worked hard to start a business has been repeatedly defeated and everything goes wrong. Why? At this time have to mention-luck.

What on earth is this mysterious thing luck?

Taoist priest Tao explained that this involves a simple and broad ancient Chinese philosophy-Yin and Yang. The Book of Changes expounds two words-Yin and Yang. If one’s hard work belongs to the yang side, then the so-called luck belongs to the yin side.  How to change one’s destiny and improve one’s luck is what is taught.”

Know life changed one’s luck.  Learning numerology is essential. Taoist priest Tao introduced that the Zen numerology he taught can quickly find out a person’s fate (divorce, car accident, demotion, financial loss, illness, etc.), and understand the fate and good or bad luck in life.

After understanding oneself, the most crucial step is to change. What one needs is practical and feasible luck changing technology. “Fortune tellers are everywhere in the world, and how many more are likely to dissolve the ominous signs in the lives? “Taoist priest Tao’s method is also very rare in the world: For the career, he can eliminate the unfavorable factors in one’s career and improve the fortune. For the body, he can deal with some unknown diseases (Yin disease), rapid suppression of mental diseases, as well as children with fever, pregnant women giving birth or surgical care methods; Bad situations in home Fengshui can also be resolved. After resolutions, one’s luck in all aspects will be improved.

“Hopefully, every Chinese can understand the traditional culture, respect it and develop it. Take its essence and discard its dross. Make it for one’s own use, for one’s family’s use, and for more good faith. “Taoist priest Tao said that it is his responsibility to inherit and carry forward Taoist culture of yin and yang.

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