Dean Capewell’s expertise takes him to different parts of the world

February 05 16:44 2020

Fast-rising connoisseur, Dean Mike Capewell, continues to travel the world to give lovers and consumers of the most popular beverage the best possible experience

Dean Capewell has grown quickly to become a sought-after connoisseur in a relatively short while, considering the number of years he has spent in the industry. The seasoned connoisseur has helped several brands across the globe to improve the industry, with the aim of helping different stakeholders to get the best possible experience. His deep knowledge of the subject has been an asset to the industry even as he continues to globetrot tasting different types of drinks available.

The drink is enjoyed by millions of people across the globe, with manufacturers in different parts of the world producing great tasting products from brands. Over the years, different stakeholders, including makers as well as vines have come up with products to ensure that the diverse needs of customers are met. Connoisseurs have remained important to the development of the industry. Connoisseurs like Dean Mike Capewell have a vast knowledge of the industry with their understanding going beyond knowing how to taste or having a deep appreciation.

Thanks to his diversity and versatility, Dean Capewell assesses a young product and identifies its aging potential. Dean uses his wealth of experience and expertise gathered formal training and self-education on the intricacies of the drink, making it, geography, and history to contribute to the experience of lovers of one of the most popular drinks in the world.

The UK-based critic has worked with professionals and other lovers of the drink worldwide. His works have also been published across several media platforms online and offline, sharing his knowledge with the world.

Dean’s unique approach, which is somewhat in contrast to the more flamboyant style adopted by many other critics, has also stood him out of the pack. His contribution to the industry cannot be overemphasized, sampling well over 10,000 products annually, with several months spent every year tasting and having discussions with manufacturers, both in the U.K. and abroad.

Dean Mike Capewell has also been appreciated by several bodies for his works, receiving accolades from different major stakeholders in the industry. He also affiliated with several bodies and holds certificates from a plethora of institutes across the globe.

Dean has continued to make himself a force to reckon with and his impact in the industry remains important and will remain so for a very long time.

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