Journalist, Venezuelan, film and television producer and now entrepreneur

February 05 20:48 2020
Journalist, Venezuelan, film and television producer and now entrepreneur

Teffi Hernandez

Estefania Hernandez, best known in her networks as Teffi Hernandez, has always shown to have the leadership to successfully carry out the productions in which she has worked. In this 2020 she has now decided to embark on her path with her own audiovisual company, thus taking her name in the productions as her brand.

At the beginning, she began her career working for large companies in Venezuela such as Revolution Ideas and Estacion Inalambrica. When he arrived in the United States, the Alpha Entertainment Services team offered her the opportunity to work as an Associate Producer on their projects. Thanks to the impulse of this great team, in 2019 she managed to open her own audiovisual company called EM Hernandez.

In her company she is offering audiovisual services from TV Show to commercials. Also, she leads 2 projects: Mi Casa es Tu Casa and Bienvenido America, both broadcast on EVTV Miami. And she has made commercials to different companies in Miami such as Doral Chic, Blinds Miami, Five Star Moving, Dwhight Molina Consulting Group, KMTG Invest, among others.

“The important thing is not the road, but who accompanies you,” says Teffi when we asked her about this new Project. “The idea is to be able to reach all those people who are starting their career in the US, this Project can show them that it is possible.”

Teffi has won 2 Telly Awards and was nominated for the Emmy Suncoast for the short film Venezuela in Agonia. This year he has several projects in her sights to continue innovating in this industry and demonstrating that it doesn’t matter where you come from and if you are a woman if you can be a successful audiovisual producer.

With several awards in her country Venezuela as Outstanding Producer, Teffi continues to demonstrate that he can lead a team and bring it to success as it has been: The Wanderers, Venezuela in Agonia, Born to Be, Latin Grammy Special, Not So Sex Able, among others.

However, Teffi has made it clear to us that in this way she has never been alone, her father and her husband have accompanied her on this journey. Hence, for her the family is so important.

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