Biologix Announces Development of CBG Genetics for the Flower and Extract Market

February 03 21:39 2020
Having pioneered CBD products in the United States, Biologix is now redirecting select resources to development of new CBG-dominant hemp cultivars for the flower and extract market

BAKERSFIELD, California – February 3, 2020 – A growing name in CBD products and cannabinoids, Biologix’s unique in-house supply chain is being adapted for innovative techniques to lead the way in new CBG product development and serve as a leader in the global hemp industry.

CBG, also known as Cannabigerol, is the “mother” of the hemp world, meaning that it is the main cannabinoid from which all other cannabinoids are synthesized. Lauded as the stem cell of all cannabinoids, CBG has been stated to potentially carry the most benefits out of all its counterparts. CBG is a minor cannabinoid, so it’s currently very expensive to produce and demand is high. Biologix and its in-house team of genetics experts are working to increase CBG yields with new cultivars and extraction methods to make it commercially feasible and maintain high quality standards.

The company’s CEO, Jacob Chavez, who oversees research and development of their genetics said “While Biologix already boasts a strong portfolio of CBD extracts and products, the company is working to create organic CBG genetics to provide exciting new health solutions with the added benefit of mitigating risk our crops going “hot” and losing months of work and investment. While we have never exceeded the .3% threshold with CBD hemp thanks to our genetics and stringent testing, it happened last year to half of the new hemp farms.”

Jacob continued, “Here at Biologix, we are known for our innovation in hemp farming and processing. Being completely in control of every step of the process, our experts put love, care and precision into everything ranging from farming and harvesting the hemp to processing it. With a promising array of benefits, CBG products are quickly gaining popularity with consumers, which is why development is now underway to create a superior CBG product portfolio that we can introduce to the market.”

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About Biologix:

From the rich soils of the Central Valley of California, Biologix is growing some of the finest hemp plants in the world.  With tremendous experience and an impressive alignment with top agricultural practitioners, marketing specialists, business consultants, specialized company synergies and universities, the company has scaled up its operation to meet the ever-increasing global demand for CBD, CBG and other cannabinoid products.

With the expanded farmland and state-of-the-art in-house facilities, Biologix is a completely vertically integrated company with an aim to introduce hemp products in the consumer packaged goods sector along with industrial solutions.

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