Ignyte TV Launches Channel for Sustainability Programming

February 03 21:00 2020
The cause-driven and educational platform is available on Roku, Amazon FireTV and Internet TV

LOS ANGELES – Feb 3rd, 2020 – Ignyte TV, a TV channel dedicated to sustainability, has launched on Roku, Amazon FireTV and Internet TV. The channel is cause-driven and educational, promoting sustainable practices. The aim of the channel is to connect its audience to social and environmental issues, as well as introducing ethical brands and products to consumers.

“Sustainability is arguably the most important issue of our time, perhaps of all time,” said Brigitte Perreault, Founder & CEO of Ignyte TV. “The challenge we face, however, is that drivers of change are widely dispersed. My goal is to elevate and accelerate the thought process towards climate change and sustainability and provide a central point of concentration on the full spectrum of sustainability topics for the widest possible audience.”

Perreault is a pioneer in the world of digital and transformational media, involved with humanitarian causes such as refugee resettlement, survivors of state sponsored torture, international adoption, and social and environmental impact projects. She is a recipient of the Human Dignity Award and serves on the Advisory Board of World Wide Women.

Programming on the channel includes a series about ways to help save the planet and adopting new habits, global initiatives, the plastic revolution, ocean conservancy, impact travel, a Spanish-language section, and more. The channel has the goal of converging industry leaders and creative forces in technology, circular economy, health, impact philanthropy, renewable energy, ethical fashion, youth empowerment, and social impact advocates, to provide a robust, cohesive and central platform. The channel has been endorsed by NOAA.gov

Ignyte TV also comprises an ethical market section for the promotion of sustainable, as well as revolutionary products and brands. Makers of such products can promote themselves on the channel. “For a sustainability model to work, it has to succeed on business terms,” Perreault added. “We will change the world if we can live in a global circular economy.”

About Ignyte TV

Ignyte TV is a television channel, now available on Roku, Amazon FireTV and Internet TV, that offers its audience a variety of video programming related to sustainability and environmentalism. The channel also includes a platform for sustainable products. Ignyte TV sees itself as a lens into the world of sustainability, a place where global citizens can have an impact on their own environments by adhering to new initiatives, new products, and by adopting new habits.

For more information, visit Www.ignyte.tv

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