iBlissnow Apps use subtle energy science to beat IDoser binaural beats

February 03 12:34 2020
iBlissnow increases the power of subtle energy to reduce stress, increase energy, and improve emotional well being
iBlissnow is using a Quantum Super Computer to capture sound healing frequencies and embed the energy signatures of scared substances on to images, audio, and video Apps. The results are higher states of altered consciousness than you can get with IDoser binaural beats.
Most IDoser Binaural Beats feel pretty much the same with only very subtle, often unperceivable differences. Can they create changes in consciousness yes, but altered states much like psychoactive substances – definitely not!

We acknowledge the Binaural Beats technology for being a forerunner and pioneer process of its day.  It got the ball rolling, and we are forever grateful to Robert Monroe and i-Doser for that heroic start!

But IDoser uses an approximately 50-year old technology developed by Robert Monroe called Hemi Sync-Binaural Beats. Binaural Beats was a breakthrough in its day and did produce changes in mood and consciousness.  It outputs different frequencies in each ear, through headphones, to try to create brain wave frequency-following responses.

In other words–your brain is being stimulated with audio frequencies, hoping that there will be a match up with altered states of consciousness similar or identical to the experience of psychoactive substances.  There are some similarities but there are also a lot of major differences.

iBlissnow™ LLC sound healing frequencies were developed from a different and more advanced technology created more recently.  IBlissnow’s subtle energy products are created in a Quantum Physics Lab, definitely not a recording studio, and use Quantum Supercomputer technology.

The process takes a psychoactive sample substance–say Magic Mushrooms–and captures, through the process of micro-digitalization, its exact energetic signature or energetic blueprint or bio-field.  Next, it mega-amplifies that subtle print multi-millions of times through distortion-free instrumentation.

The sound healing frequencies are then encoded into MP4’s, MP3’s, JPEGS so that the subtle energy print, or energy file, is encoded into the electronic medium.  The sound and images and the energetic substance become one.

When the energized App is played or opened the playback devices further amplifies the psychoactive energy that is bonded with the sound and image(s) and a pulsed digital substance field emerges from the speakers/headphones, monitor, computer and MD. This process creates an expanded bio-active vital energetic field.

iBlissnow’s mission is to create legal, non-toxic, safe, inexpensive, non-addictive and yet blissful shamanistic alternatives to physical, psychoactive sacred substances and harmful side effect-ridden drugs, to support those that desire personal growth, higher consciousness and blissful lifestyles with  Headphones optional!!!

The energetic process does not require headphones to experience and can be played on a computer, MP3 player or mobile device with or without headphones.  Mobile Devices can easily be carried in your pocket completely silently and looped for continuous energetic stimulation.

The intensity of the experience can be adjusted by the volume control. Our energetic Apps can also be enjoyed with large speakers with or without a video monitor, though a large screen monitor or TV will take the experience to the next level.

These sound healing frequencies combine the best of Energy Psychology, Sacred Geometry, Psychoacoustics, Digital Substances, Stress Release, Subliminal Suggestion, Auto Hypnosis, Meditation Deepening, Remote Influencing, Action At A Distance, Psychoactive Sound and Intention Amplification.

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