Relivra Makes its Blockbuster Military Pain Relief Cream Available to Military Families and Veterans

January 30 23:27 2020

AVENTURA, FL – January 30, 2020 – Relivra – a pain relief cream for active duty military personnel is now available to military families and veteran community.

The tasks involved within everyday life can be extremely demanding for those in the military, particularly taking a toll on physical welfare. The constant expectations placed upon physical fitness are arduous and repetitive. From wearing heavy body armour, to the constant exertion of energy expected from individuals, the range of physical demands on military personnel can have intense consequences. This leads to a range of common injuries and symptoms amongst the forces, from the radiating pain associated with herniated disks, to the unpleasant tingling sensations provoked by neuropathic pain.

Appallingly, the current marketplace offers no adequate form of pain relief for those working so tirelessly to serve our country. Chronic pain is a constant, pervasive issue amongst military personnel due to the challenging intensity of the vital roles they perform. Despite the severity of this widespread problem, very little is being done to counteract it. The effects of chronic pain aren’t just physical, either. Experiencing constant, unrelenting pain for extended periods of time has an inevitably damaging effect on emotional wellbeing, too.

Nobody should be forced to endure the effects of chronic pain, particularly if it has occurred as a result of serving our own country. Those suffering the effects of chronic pain are also restricted from carrying out their duties, and with no effective solution, this presents a rapidly growing problem for the military.

This is where Relivra comes in. A ground-breaking new product on the market, Relivra ultimately strives to have a noticeable positive impact on military personnel and their families by relieving the detrimental effects of chronic pain. Extensive research and development efforts have been diligently undertaken by expert teams, allowing us to specifically formulate a new method of pain relief that suits the needs of military personnel and veterans.

Clinical trials have found overwhelming evidence supporting the safety and effectiveness of Relivra. After research involving a variety of pain relief delivery methods, it became evident that developing a topical, transdermal analgesic that utilized this new compound was the best solution. An effective mixture of both pharmaceutical and natural elements, Relivra contains the perfect combination of ingredients that work together to provide fast-acting, military grade pain relief. The rapid-acting pain relief formula penetrates right the way through the skin, quickly reaching the source of inflammation. Relivra performs better than the majority of similar products on the market, whose formulas remain on the surface of the skin, without penetrating into the deeper layers and combating the source of pain itself.

Military personnel and veterans no longer have to suffer the endless and agonizing consequences of chronic pain. Relivra is now available to military personnel and family members on Effectively relieve pain caused by working within the military today, and embark upon a new, pain-free life with Relivra.

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