Active Entertainment Centers Introduce Kids to an Active Lifestyle

January 30 23:24 2020
Active Entertainment Centers Introduce Kids to an Active Lifestyle

For adults, the thought of exercise brings up images of going to a gym, running, or lifting heavy weights. However, for kids, exercise really means being physically active, playing, and having fun. Children are able to get exercise in many ways. For example, during recess at school, during dance class or soccer practice, and even when visiting an active entertainment center like Funtopia World.

Nonetheless, there are some who wonder what these active entertainment centers have to offer and why they have become such a popular trend. The answer lies in the fact that they encourage play, fun, and physical activity, all in a safe indoor environment. Keep reading to learn why kids should visit these play centers more often and what health benefits they offer.

Understanding Kids and Fitness 

If a person has ever watched children on a playground, they have seen the three main components of fitness in action: endurance, strength, and flexibility. Active entertainment centers, like, offer the opportunity for all of this and more. Parents should be excited to bring their children to this controlled environment where they can be active and have fun.

Endurance is something that is developed when kids participate in aerobic activity regularly. During this type of activity large muscles get moving, the heart starts to beat faster, and a person will begin to breathe harder. Aerobic activity helps to strengthen the heart while improving the body’s ability to deliver oxygen where it needs to go.

To improve strength, children can do traditional exercises but they can also improve it by doing fun activities like practicing on a climbing wall. At active entertainment centers, all this is available and more. This is also something that makes getting fit fun. For more information, visit

The Biggest Issue for Kid’s Health Today: A Sedentary Lifestyle 

Teens and kids of all ages are much more sedentary than they used to be. They may spend hour after hour in front of screens looking at social media and videos. Too much screen time with limited physical activity contributes a great deal to the issue of childhood obesity. A good way to help ensure kids remain active is to limit how much time they are inactive. For parents, this means putting limits on screen time, choosing higher-quality programming for children, turning off screens while eating, and making physical activity a priority.

While this may be challenging, it is well worth it for kids of all ages. Also, places that encourage activity, like the active entertainment centers that are now popping up around the country, encourage kids to be active more than ever before. 

Being informed and knowing what is available is the best way to ensure that children are active, and that they also enjoy what they are doing. Active entertainment centers offer the perfect combination that helps ensure all this is achieved.

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