Multi-award-winning clean energy start-up seeks to raise $1 million

January 30 16:48 2020

New York, NY – January 30, 2020 – New Yorker’s concerned with their carbon footprint Have a new, easy to use option for their energy needs.

“Virimodo organizes and explains the clean energy options that are already out there in the marketplace and enable New Yorkers to easily chose the best option for their energy needs,” explains Donna Sanders. Sanders, a graduate of the Columbia Business School, is the founder and CEO of Virimodo, formerly known as Social Solar.

Virimodo is easy to use. New Yorkers simply enter the number of kilowatt hours they’re using per month, information that can be found on any power bill, into the Virimodo website. Using algorithms and AI, the system will match the consumer’s energy consumption with the best green energy plan available for them. From there, consumers can customize their green energy plan and keep track of their energy consumption.

“It’s very easy and very convenient,” says Sanders. “Everyone knows that we have to make changes to ensure our sustainability. We all want to do what’s best for the climate, but people are confused by the information and the options they encounter. Virimodo has taken the guess work out of going green.” 

Sanders and her team are coming off a very rewarding year. “We’re incredibly proud to be making headway in the clean energy space and we’re glad our efforts are being noticed.”

“In 2018, we were awarded a cash prize as well as the opportunity to learn from the best people in the industry thanks to the National Science Foundation. That year we also received a $3000 award that allowed us to discover which customers would be more interested in switching to green energy. We were one of six finalists in the Cleantech Open, an organization which has helped more than 1200 early-stage clean technology start-ups.” Cleantech was so impressed with Virimodo’s (then known as Social Solar) efforts, that they were again recognized as national finalist in 2019.

In additional to being awarded $10,000 from the Black and Latino Tech Initiative and $50,000 from the National Science Foundation, the last twelve months have brough Virimodo’s goals into focus. Along with in-house fundraising efforts, the clean energy company is hoping to leverage the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority Co-investment fund and raise $1 million in new funding.

In the next three years, Virimodo hopes to divert 63.6 million kilograms of carbon dioxide, equivalent to reducing 158 million miles of vehicles driven.

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