Why Parents Should Consider Tutoring For Their Children

January 30 01:42 2020
Why Parents Should Consider Tutoring For Their Children

There are many reasons why parents would choose tutoring for their children in Kindergarten. Some parents may feel that they cannot help their children with their school work and some may find that their children respond well when working with another person. Tutoring at an early stage can help children strengthen their knowledge on subjects, boost their confidence and build important learning skills.

Tutoring is different to learning in a school classroom because it provides children with closer attention that they might not receive in a crowded school setting. This is extremely beneficial for children who are struggling at school as well as those who are not challenged enough. Tutoring will provide children with individualised learning experiences tailored to their needs.

Tutors can adapt to the children’s learning style and needs as it is usually in small groups. Children will receive close attention in small groups and allows for better teaching methods.

Tutoring will prepare your child for all their future tests and exams that they will sit during their schooling years. It is important to prepare children for these situations to ensure their success. Tutors can also help children with their specific needs which will help improve their grades and skills more significantly.

Tutoring will build confidence within your child and with encouragement and praise, your child will not feel discouraged, overwhelmed and frustrated with the tasks given to them at school. Mimicking a similar setting to the typical classroom, tutoring centres can replicate the same environment with a less intensive feel. The tutoring classroom will be a fraction of the size, typically a school room will consist of around 30 students in comparison to a centre that caps at 10-15 at max capacity. This ensures that the students are overwhelmed, overly distracted and ready to learn and adapt. Furthermore, these educational centres often allocate students with other students with similar levels of proficiency. This means like minded students will be able to excel together and not get held behind by other peers who may be at a lower level of academic needs.

Learning the skills needed for school is essential for building self-esteem and confidence.  Children who find school fun will develop a love of learning and further become life-long learners. It is important to encourage students to develop this growth mindset at an early age.

With fewer students in a tutoring setting, this will provide your child with a better learning environment with less distractions. This enables your child to just focus on learning.

Some children do not feel comfortable asking questions in front of their classmates. In a tutoring environment, it will less overwhelming for students and will help build that confidence to ask questions when they need to.

Tutoring builds good learning habits and for early stage children, it will help amend incorrect basic skills such as letter writing, letter identification and sight word knowledge. Skills such as pencil holding and letter formation require children to have the correct grip and knowledge. These habits should be developed while children are young otherwise it will foster bad habits which will be hard to amend in the future.

We hope this provides some insight as to why tutoring can begin as early as their very first year of schooling. It is a crucial part of their lives to develop positive learning habits early before they become difficult to manage as this is what we have found with Tutors Liverpool data.

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