BGE’s Aid in Wuhan and Participation of the Global Epidemic Control

January 30 00:30 2020

The outbreak of a new pneumonia caused by a new kind of coronavirus has been spreading in China this month, which provoked mass concerns. The Chinese government has paid high level of attention to this epidemic and timely provided the deployment of prevention and control. The relevant departments and local governments have also implemented practical epidemic prevention and control systematically.

The epidemic is the order and the sites are the battlefields. In order to provide better medical treatment for the pneumonia patients infected by the new coronavirus, the construction of Wuhan Caidian Vulcan Mountain Hospital is under construction all day and all night. All construction teams are working in a race against time. The hospital plans to be completed on February 1 and put into use before February 3.

In this case, two Chinese quoted companies offered to assist and participate in the construction. One is the pioneer in the field of domestic anti-seepage. It is an environmental system service provider whose core businesses include environmentalremediation and solid waste treatment. The other is an outstanding building materials system service provider which is famous for the waterproof quality. Beijing GeoEniron Engineering & Technology, Inc. (BGE) (603588.SH)is mainly responsible for on-site internal construction, including the deployment of personnel, equipment and materials, the overall implementation of anti-seepage engineering, as well as the cross-coordination of civil engineering and other specialties.OrientalYuhong (002271.SZ) is responsible for waterproof construction and overall coordination and communication with government agencies and departments to ensure material supply. BGE undertook an area of 35,000 square meters (70,000 square meters in total) of anti-seepage engineering construction. The task has been finished within one day and a half, completing the underground anti-seepage and the construction of the foundation to facilitate the subsequent construction companions.

Li keqiang, one of the members of the standing committee of the political bureau of the communist party of China (CPC) central committee, premier of the state council and leader of the CPC central committee’s leading group on tackling the new coronavirus infection with pneumonia, visited the construction site of Wuhan Caidian Vulcan Mountain Hospital at 11:30 am on January 27. As one of the construction enterprises involved in the building ofthis hospital, BGE also received the cordial greetings from the premier Li.

The brave and responsibility can only be reflected during the tough time. The winning of the prevention and control of the new coronavirus participated by everyone is around the corner, in which the BGE actively responded to the call and moved to the new construction site of Raytheon Mountain Hospital after the construction of Vulcan Mountain Hospital. The voluntary actions and dedication of the society as a whole, including the BGE and the Oriental Yuhong, are displaying the power and determination of China in the prevention and control of the epidemic. China will definitely be successful in this anti-epidemic war.

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