Magnifitech Solutions, Inc. presents Audeqs, truly wireless earphones with active noise cancellation, Ambient sound control, 9mm graphene drivers and active equalizers

January 21 17:05 2020

Magnifitech Solutions Incorporation announced this week the release of the Audeqs wireless earphones. This new entertainment and music technology has been specially designed to shut out as much external noise as possible so that users can better hear the music they love at home, at work, and on the go. 

“Audeqs are the most advanced truly wireless earphones on the market today and cost less than half the price of such earphones available in the market.”

“Audeqs earphones offer a variety of stunningly innovative features including Active noise cancellation, ambient sound control and active equalizers designed to provide the best sound quality wherever you choose to use them. Smart surrounding sensors in Audeqs make it possible for users to enjoy full ambient sound control and active noise cancellation to greater than 30 decibels. The music quality is exceptional. Adaptive, volume-optimized equalizers and 6mm graphene drivers create a clear, deep, punchy sound.”

Whether someone purchases Audeqs wireless earphones for personal or professional use, they can choose custom skin options in red, camouflage, pink and purple.

Each pair of earphones offers a complete 10 hours of clear music play on one charge. An included charging case makes quick recharging easy so that users can listen to their music for as long as their hearts desire. Audeqs earphones also feature Bluetooth 5.0. With the free Audeqs mobile app, users have even more control over their music: They can connect with any Bluetooth device for playback or to listen to music and share songs and playlists with friends, family, and other music lovers. At the touch of a fingertip, the mobile app also provides total control over voice assistants, calls and much more.

Launching soon on Indiegogo. For more details visit

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