A55 Cerulean, Create the Technical Peak of 2020’s Art Timepiece

January 15 16:30 2020


AET REMOULD, A high-end watch refitted brand from Germany, after 5 years dedicating on Sapphire’s application on watches, launched its latest product A55 Cerulean (A55) in January 2020. Explore the timepieces limit by using high-tech and Sapphires with AET, and let the A55 show you the charm of art timepieces.


Break through the Limits, everything is possible

Known for its distinct scratch-resistance, Sapphire is one of the hardest materials in the world, which Mohs’ hardness scale is 9, just behind diamond. As hard and fissile as Sapphire, it is difficult to cut, polish or cast the material. The process of manufacturing Sapphire is complex, unpredictable and easily cracking. It is easy to make smooth mirrors, but hard to create complicated cases.

AET remade the RM 055 with the idea of “Crystal Architecture”. In the spirit of no compromise for normal standards and dare to challenge the limits of craft and athletics, AET shape whole Sapphire cases in order to present the perfect artistic appeal of Sapphire’s clearance. 

Challenge the highest level of timepiece-making, guard the resplendence of Sapphire

AET team visited several countries to pick clear and permanently shining Sapphires that big enough for cases. After dozens of procedures, thousands of hours’ machining time – above the industry standard, AET managed to create the brightest Sapphire cases. 30% success rate makes it more precious.

It is especially difficult and time-consuming to use Sapphire for making complicated structures like curves and angles. Sapphire cases are made by stitching together the upper cases, bridges and the bottom cases, which rises huge machining skills.

Each component and size have been discussed, modified, and tested over many times, and been presented on the specific and systematic technical drawings for professional measuring equipment to ensure accuracy.

Pursue perfect, never swinging, never stop

Due to the fragility of Sapphire and the sizes of different hole sites, the drilling process requires extremely accuracy that a tiny error can crack the whole gem. Unperfected Sapphire will be abandoned, leveling up the processing cost.

AET uses special diamond drill making 200 times accurate drilling in 10 days. The Sapphire and screws are separated by unique metal gaskets, so they can share the forces against cracking. It will take almost 7 hours screw tests for the most skilled artisans to maintain the case’s balance.

Besides, as a very important procedure of watch-making, A55 Cerulean’s distinguished Richard Miller water-proof structure is stunning as well. Distinguished three-layer case’s water resistance is up to 50m.

Treasuring-worthy timepiece, flowing time on the crystal palace

A true artist is one who risks all pre-existing prejudices to express what he thinks: Rodin’s artistic expression became AET REMOULD (Artistic expression thought)’s design concept. It’s also where the name AET comes from.

AET REMOULD, with high standards of jewelry luxury taste and crafts, use crystal cutting and grinding technology, and other emerging materials for high-end watch lovers to create private custom timepieces, making the art of remaking bring more unique visual enjoyment for us.

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