Smart Foundations Systems Launches New Website to Promote Foundation Repair Services and How-To Instructional Videos

December 03 10:06 2019
Smart Foundations Systems Launches New Website to Promote Foundation Repair Services and How-To Instructional Videos
Smart Foundations Systems new location in Raytown, MO provides residents with top of the line repair services for crack foundation and basement waterproofing. Their newly launched website is designed to promote their highly tested and top of the line repair practices with regularly updated how-to instructional videos on all of their repair services.

Raytown, MO – Smart Foundations Systems is a Missouri based foundation repair and basement waterproofing company that aims to reduce the stress associated with foundation repair that has recently opened a new location in Raytown. Along with their new location, Smart Foundations Systems has recently launched a new website that features up to date videos that demonstrate the repair processes they have created and utilize in the field. 

The methods and practices demonstrated in these videos are all backed with engineer-designed systems to ensure each foundation is receiving the best possible work along with their lifetime warranties. Whether the focus is crack foundation repair or basement waterproofing as well as foundation piering or house leveling, Smart Foundations Systems utilizes the best possible repair methods and wants to keep their clients informed with their instructional videos.

Crack foundation repair services are one of the most common types of foundation repair services but unfortunately, most foundation repair companies utilize methods that are ineffective. In order to provide a method that is effective and can stand by its lifetime guarantee, this Kansas City foundation repair company developed the Ever-Seal System. This system starts with a polyurethane injection that waterproofs the entire wall from inside to out. The injection is followed by carbon fiber being embedded with engineered highway bridge-repair grade product that offers a structural bond in excess of 600,000 pounds of pressure strength to the wall in order to provide a foundation that can last a lifetime. To provide a visualization to this process, along with their basement waterproofing processes, Smart Foundations Systems provides up to date videos that demonstrate the repair processes to allow their customers to see the type of service they will be receiving. 

Basement waterproofing services are required if one is experiencing a basement that is leaking, cracked floors or walls, window wells flooring, or water flowing over the top of the wall. In order to provide the best possible basement waterproofing Kansas City service, Smart Foundations Systems utilizes a three pronged approach. The first approach in this method is called the mechanic’s approach in which the technician will examine the symptoms, diagnose the remedy for the one specific issue, provide the price and then the lifetime guaranteed service. 

The next approach is the smart-dry system that operates as a catch-all system that collects water from several different sources at one time, along with the third and final approach that is the drain-plus system in the exterior foundation waterproofing method. The how-to instructional videos featured on their new website demonstrate each of these approaches to basement waterproofing. 

Smart Foundation Systems’ new location is located at 5614 Raytown Rd, Raytown, MO and they can be contacted via phone at 816-666-8415 or via email at [email protected] For more information regarding their variety of services as well as their new location, visit their newly launched website.

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