Launching on the ZBX Exchange,NTTC will open the opportunity of the “One Belt One Road”

September 10 17:54 2019

Recently,the Nature Token Foundation has announced that its security token NTTC will be launched on the ZBX platform and traded publicly.

According to the foundation chairman Mr. Lin Qianfeng, the NTTC is a non-additional security token applied in the Nature Token ecosystem. The Nature Token is a Singapore-based foundation which focus on the cross-board trading and financial & technology investment opportunity align with the “One Belt One Road “countries. The NTTC investor will benefit from the good project in the Nature Token ecosystem.

“Investment on the One Belt One Road countries has increase strongly in recent years. Correspondingly, more and more business opportunities has emerged from those countries. The NTTC will become the carrier of those business opportunities which allow more people to take the advantage from the One Belt One Road strategy in three ways,” said by Mr. Lin.

1. The opportunities of cross-board trading and industry investment

The One Belt One Road countries has various culture and geography advantages. They has strong needs to corporate with third-party companies when develop its abundant nature resource in multiple industries such as tourism, agriculture, infrastructure facilities etc. The Nature Token foundation will dig deep into the investment opportunities in the aforementioned area and support the economy development of One Belt One Road countries. In the next decade, the One Belt One Road stagey will catalyze trillion dollar investment opportunities. It will be shared by all community members and investors of the NTTC foundation.

2. The security and crypto exchange

The Nature Token Foundation will also follow on the best opportunities on its financial maps. In the traditional financial market, Nature Token Foundation will establish the security exchange to realize the value of special asset in the OBOR countries. On the other hand, the Nature Token will also build the crypto exchange to deep-dive the investment opportunities in the blockchain and crypto industry. Taking the advantage of the fast-growth crypto asset, the Nature Token Foundation will create more value for the NTTC holder in the next year.

As the operation entity of Nature Token foundation, the Nature Token Inc. was established on Delaware, USA. And it has applied the REG-S immunity according to the SEC federal law 506-C. The CIK code for this application is 00091762351.

3. The Gold-anchored fixed token NXT

The Nature Token Foundation has issued its fixed Token NXT. NXT is 1:1 anchored with USD by depositing gold mine. When the price of gold or the price of USD changed, the NXT’s mechanism will adjust its guarantee to fix its 1:1 exchange rate with USD. The guarantee (i.e. gold mine) will be certified by the government or third party institution. The Nature Token Foundation will support the smart contract development according to the information from top tier exchanges such as LME, SHFE, CME. Eventually, the nature resource such as gold will be tokenlized by the NTCT (Nature Token Contract).

As issuing NXT is a progress of tokenlization the nature resource by its nature. It increase the liquidity of nature resource and decrease the traditional financing cost. The NXT will be operated by the Nature Token Foundation, and managed by the correspond country, asset-holder and foundation. To facilitate this progress, the Nature Token will develop hardware and introduce more using-scenario for the NXT.

With all the aforementioned advantages and resources of Nature Token Foundation, and the nature of the NTTC/NXT, the NTTC will catch the trillion dollar opportunities in the One Belt One Road countries and grow rapidly.

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