Explains How Sunglasses Protect Eyes From Sun Damage

June 27 13:21 2019 Explains How Sunglasses Protect Eyes From Sun Damage

Your vision is one of your most cherished senses. Your vision helps you literally every waking moment you are alive. There are a few things that can damage your precious sight. One of the most common elements that can damage our eyesight is the sun. You may ask, “What exactly is sun damage and how can you stay safe?”

Damage from the sun to your eyes is similar to skin damaged by the sun. according to, the ultraviolet (UV) rays sent out by the sun reach the cornea and impair your vision. The damage is not like an on and off switch where one day, you will wake up blind. The damage is done gradually, without you realizing that the UV radiation is affecting your eyes.

Since we can’t stay inside or out of the sun all of our lives, how can we protect our eyes? The first step in protection is preparedness. Learning more about sunglasses and other products available that can protect your eyes from damage is essential.

Fashionable Sunglass Styles with Protection 

There are many brands and types of fashionable sunglasses on the market to choose from. While a good fashion style may be your first inclination in selecting a pair of sunglasses, it may not be the best choice to protect your eyes. Let us consider some essential components so you will be able to choose sunglasses that are a good choice.

  • Sunglasses must be UV blocking 

  • Better if the sunglasses block UVA and UVB light

  • Sunglass with wrap around lenses or 360-degree protection is best

There are a few companies out there that offer good protective sunglasses. Some companies, like
Felix Gray, are known for their blue light computer filtering glasses which are at the top of the chart in protective sunglasses. These sunglasses filter blue light, which enhances color for you to see the world more brilliantly. The sunglasses offer 360-degree protection for your eyes and block 100% of the UVA and UVB harmful rays. The lenses are polarized to lessen distortion and give you optimal clarity. They even go a step further and put an anti-reflective coating on the back of the lenses. This protective coating reduces indirect glare to give you the optimal visual experience. There are stylish frames packed with UV protection for your eyes. 

It is imperative to protect your eyesight from the harmful rays of the sun. Your eyes can be damaged before you know it. So, take the steps necessary to protect your eyes. So, you can keep seeing the world and your loved ones with clarity and in full color. Hurry up and get your pair of UV protecting sunglasses!

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