How Visual Storytelling Affects Business Marketing and Management

June 27 07:04 2019
How Visual Storytelling Affects Business Marketing and Management

Jean Chalopin- Deltec International Group

Visual storytelling is an advanced marketing technique that has the potential to make revenue and increase customer retention.  How individuals feel about your brand or your company usually determines whether they will purchase your product or service. Once you tell a story that represents human challenges, you can make an experience that resonates with your clients.

How Visual Storytelling Drives the Growth of your Business

Visual storytelling in business is considered a buzzword, but it is far from it. The story has meaning besides the simple amusement value. A good story puts your business and your service or product in a bigger context. The context should be recognizable to your target clients. If your company or industry is a leading character in your story that helps your clients addresses their issues in a particular context, you just made your company an important factor in your client’s life.

To throw an inspiration, you have to tell a story of the crisis you are solving. To build up a product, you want more than an answer to an issue, but to develop a context where this service or product exists. Your company, as a leading actor in your story, should provide help to your target client to overcome their problems and reach the destination they desired.

According to Jean Chalopin, an entrepreneur and investor “Visual storytelling is not making or inventing a story. The reason your brand exists, why you have developed services and products is filled with stories. The whole thing you do always fit on that broader narrative, from content and events to campaigns. You wish to fulfill needs, reply to queries, engage on an emotional level, find a voice, and listen to the audience. The way you have made a solution, and a value proposition is about stories.”

The Power of Visual Storytelling in Marketing and Management

The power of visual storytelling in business management and marketing did not just appear. Companies like Deltec Bank, Bahamas and many others have been utilizing the art of visual storytelling to the benefits of their customers/users for decades. Visual storytelling is considered one of the best and most powerful methods to breathe life into your company. Most often, it is called the key components for content marketing practice.

By giving your services and products distinctiveness and by capturing as well as sharing the stories around them, you can take your target client on a journey that they long to experience.  For clients to create a personal relationship with your company, company stories should be genuine, creative as well as inspirational.

Visual storytelling is captivating and enticing for a reason. From kids through maturity, we are drawn to the lesson we learn, the thrilling expeditions we embark upon, the skill we gain as well as the chance to set our imaginations free.

When making your brand visual story, you should exemplify your voice, what is your stand and why it matters to your audience, who has their own stories.  Summarize the exact steps to be taken and demonstrate to target audience how they can know the way towards their preferred destination. The selling part should be creative yet ingenious and oblique.

To drive conversion, you want an excellent visual storytelling plan, a good and reliable storytelling plan should be personal and trigger emotion. Once you affect the way people feel, you influence the way they act.  Developing an emotional relationship with your clients can result in them to carry out things they would usually guard against, like spending funds on your services and products.  Visual Storytelling is all about making a connection with your audience and making them feel they are part of the story.


The author of this text, Robin Trehan, has an Undergraduate degree in economics, Masters in international business and finance and MBA in electronic business. Trehan is Senior VP at Deltec International The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this text are solely the views of the author, and not necessarily reflecting the views of Deltec International Group, its subsidiaries and/or employees.

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