Divorce – How Are Law Firms Taking Away The Conflict?

June 27 05:42 2019
This is a concern because for many people who go through a divorce, there are psychological after-effects that many would not have foreseen.

Although divorce rates in the United States are declining, the country is still third in the top ten for divorces per 1,000 inhabitants, behind only the Maldives and Belarus. But even these statistics do not tell the full story – while the marital staying power of millennials is driving the overall divorce rate down, the number of older Americans (aged 55 and over)getting divorced is actually increasing each year.

This is a concern because for many people who go through a divorce, there are psychological after-effects that many would not have foreseen. Research has shown that experiencing a divorce has been linked to future episodes of depression; perhaps not surprising when the experience has been likened to the grief of having a spouse pass away – with all the usual steps this encompasses, such as denial, anger, grief and finally acceptance.

This can only be exacerbated if children are involved, as the emotional impact on them can be huge, which then has a boomerang effect on parents who might be afflicted with guilt and the added stress of worrying about a child’s wellbeing. The American Psychological Association recommends numerous steps in a healthy approach to divorce, designed to minimize its impact on all concerned.

“Except for a small minority of cases, there is no easy, pain-free solution to divorce,” said a spokesperson for Cindy D. Sackrin, a Florida-based marital and family law attorney. “But there is no doubt that the way in which the actual process is handled can go a long way to minimizing the long-term effects of divorce.

“There are so many aspects to a divorce, such as child custody, property division, spousal support and alimony, and in some cases step-parent adoptions and even domestic violence. Having professional support from people highly experienced in these areas can take a significant load off the divorcing couples.

“But the approach we personally endorse is mediation. It is now widely used across the world in all manner of legal disputes, and its potential advantages certainly apply to divorce. A successful mediation enables all areas of marital dispute to be resolved without attending court, meaning the whole process is quicker, cheaper and substantially less stressful for all concerned.”

With the advice from the American Psychological Association including the role of honest, open communication in reducing the emotional strain of divorce, mediation is all about communication. The format is built around an impartial mediator encouraging positive, constructive dialogue between both parties, in a manner that is amicable and non-confrontational.

“One of the worst things about divorce trials is the emphasis on ‘getting one over’ the other side,” added the spokesperson. “This is because in a trial situation, it is often the only way to seize the advantage in areas such as property division or child custody. Parties resort to ‘smearing’ each other, which is obviously distasteful for everyone and incredibly upsetting even in the long-term.

“In this sense, there are not really any winners in such a warlike litigation situation. And the effects on any children who get drawn into this can be life-long. Our approach to mediation covers all the numerous aspects of divorce, and ensures the full array of loose ends is neatly tied up in as cordial and concise a manner as possible.”

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