File Request Pro Now Has Integrated WordPress and Squarespace into their Service

June 27 02:30 2019

File Request Pro is a service that has successfully managed to make working with Cloud Storage a breeze. Quite often when using OneDrive or Google Drive upload features or, one is unable to directly link to the exact file they wish to share to their colleagues. To solve this, File Request Pro allows one to create file request links or embeddable forms that directly lead to the file they wish to share in their cloud storage.

Thus, through this, one can not only save quite a bit of time but also make using cloud storage quick, simple and secure. File Request Pro has been among the most reputable names for such a task – and has assisted countless people in sorting out their inbox and keeping things organized. They always strive to improve their service and achieve even greater betterment. As a result, they have now expanded further and will now support both Squarespace and WordPress.

Squarespace includes web forms tool called Form Blocks. However, this does not let one create forms within one’s admin panel, or offer the ability to upload files via a form. A few workarounds are available, but File Request Pro offers the definitive solution. Through their service, one can easily embed a Squarespace upload form. This will allow customers to upload files, CVs, or job applications easily.

The same thing is applicable to WordPress as well. For businesses that require their customers to frequently upload files onto their WordPress site, the time required in downloading and organizing can be quite a mess. With File Request Pro, however, one can use a different method that will upload a widget and make sharing on a WordPress a breeze.

As such, File Request Pro has integrated both Squarespace and WordPress into their service, becoming even more useful and effective than they were before. By saving hours that would otherwise be spent on organizing and sorting, File Request Pro has managed to make using cloud storage simple and effective. Anyone that wishes to get in contact with their service can do so, on their website that provides further details on each of their methodologies.

About File Request Pro:

File Request Pro was built out of one’s needs to receive files from customers and not having them floating around everyone’s inboxes. Create file request links or embeddable forms that go straight to your Google Drive or OneDrive account.

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